HAYASHI,Takuji Exhibition 6.15-23

2024.06.06  by fumi

Takuji Hayashi Exhibition

Jun.15(sat) – 23(sun)
Business hours during the exhibition period:12:00 – 19:00
*Jun.19(wed) will be open during the period.

Wagashi in the shape of hydrangea and plum blossoms from the famous wagashishop in town ; Osakaya, and Hayashi’s plates.

Takuji Hayashi

1977 Born as the fourth generation of a potter in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
2002 Graduated from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts, Department of Functional Material Chemistry.
2006 Completed Aichi Prefectural College of Ceramic Technology. Began working at the kiln for four years while grinding wages.
2010 Built a kiln in Seto, Echino.
2016 Built kiln and moved to Okayama Pref.

We have firstly met Hayashi’s works 13 years ago.
The first 5’inche bowl I held in my hand.We had a unique impression of the colour in the kannyu and we liked it very much as an everyday use like Hiyayakko in summer and Jyappajiru ; Local soup in Aomori pref. in winter.

We feel that Hayashi’s work has been adopted by many of our regular customers.
This time, as it is a solo exhibition, we will be able to introduce works that cannot usually be seen, so we would be very happy if you could see them in the shop physically.

Finally, I would like to quote an impressive sentence from Hayashi’s website which we can get a glimpse of philosophy of his  works.

Mukozuke ; chrysanthemum shape

—The following is a quote from the website.

Making pottery is fun.
Various things have been made for a long time,
and they continue to support our lives and give us a sense of beauty.

At first it is just clay, then it goes through many processes, and finally it is left to fire.
It is simple and mysterious. It makes me want to make it too.

When I make something, Most of the time, a shape comes to me at the beginning.
I overlap the image that comes to me with my own life,I try out a number of things and finally decide on the one thing that I have worked out.

The starting point of my image is the time-honoured and impressive vessels and the environment in which I was born and raised,I am born and brought up in an environment that has given me an impression of time.

When I hold old objects and vessels in my hands and look at them, they become clear to me,
I find them original, new and thrilling.

What feels natural to me is the idea that people have devised local materials,
adapted them to the times and changed them,I think it is because it is a well-thought-out tool of life that has changed with the times.It is because it is a tool of life that has changed with the times. It also looks very innovative.

I was born and brought up in pottery production area as a livelihood.
I sometimes helped with the moulding, when I was a student.It was very painful at the time to make a large number of predetermined items.However, I remember that I felt that the vessels before firing that were lined up in rows were simply very beautiful.

Looking back now, I can see that working with mass-produced moulds was a different kind of handiwork.
That gave me a different perspective from other handicrafts.The rhythm of making numbers freely and dynamically, it has been at the root of my work.

What is the value of things? the answr worries and shakes me.
But now I want to think about what only I can do and do my best.
I am influenced by various encounters and look forward to the new things that will emerge.
I would be happy if one day I could find my own vessels that have been used for a long time.

at his atelier 2022

Takuji Hayashi Exhibition
Jun.15(sat) – 23(sun)
Business hours during the exhibition period:12:00 – 19:00
*Jun.19(wed) will be open during the period.

Online showcase will be held after 23rd of June.
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