Shuku NISHI and Yoji YAMADA “Hibikiau” Dec.23-Jan.8

2022.12.22  by fumi

This is the announcement of the last exhibition of the year.

THE STABLES 15th Anniversary Exhibition
Nishisuku and Yoji Yamada “Sound each other”
December 23rd (Friday) – January 8th (Sunday)

A painting by Mr. Nishishu, a vessel by Mr. Yoji Yamada.
There is a part that I usually touch and feel harmony
I want to see the scenery that these two resonate and create
This is an exhibition that was launched from a fantasy place.
There is also an experimental element, but I hope it reaches many people.

The work of two people who usually face different materials
A special world that resonates and rises
We will introduce it in the winter scenery of Hirosaki.

Profile – Shuku NISHI
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Now based in Kyoto and Tottori.
She creates illustrations for magazines, advertisements, packages,
CD jackets, and book covers.

Profile – Yoji YAMADA
1980 Born in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture.
2002 Graduated the potter’s wheel course at the Shigaraki Pottery Research Institute.
2007 Moved to England, and studied under Lisa Hammond at Maze Hill Pottery.
2008- Based in Shigaraki and making tableware of the slipware