Taichi Abe and Eriko Tsubakino “the world of silent whispers” 5.27-6.4

2023.05.26  by fumi

Taichi Abe, Eriko Tsubakino two-person exhibition
“the world of silent whispers”
May 27 (Sat) – June 4 (Sun)

We will be held the exhibition with Taichi Abe and Eriko Tsubakino,his partner.

Abe will show the white pottery works that he has been focusing on recently.From Eriko Tsubakino, the theme was flowers.
I’m going to introduce paper materials, tea, photographs and more.

The venue is coordinated by plants that grow in the land where Taichi and Eriko live.
From Taichi, who also has a face as a musician,
he made music and mastered it for this exhibition
We will introduce it as a component of the world of the exhibition.

The harmonious world view of Abe and Tsubakino
We hope you will enjoy the products and atomosphere.

Taichi Abe
1975 Born in Shimane Prefecture
2001, he began studying under Hiroshi Abe of Itogama.
2006 Started activities such as solo exhibition under his own name
Independent in 2010, currently producing in Matsue City, Shimane Pref.

Eriko Tsubakino
Born in 1974. she started taking pictures when she was 20 years old. she treasures natural light and photographs seasonal flowers and fruits, the vessels he uses every day, and the objects around her, creating his own unique world with pictorial compositions and tones. Since 2000, she has created calendars using those photographs, and has exhibited and sold them in various locations. Started working as a photo essayist in 2006. In 2023, she started new creation with her partner, Taichi Abe.