Ayumi Hanamatsu “LETTERS” 3.20-31

2024.03.19  by fumi

Exhibition of works by Ayumi Hanamatsu.
The exhibition starts tomorrow.

12 new works under the theme of LETTERS.

A detailed work with a story within a single picture that makes you gaze intently at it.
The works are detailed and have a story behind them.

This time, they are displayed in a small room.
Please take your time and have a look.

Prints and postcards including new works will be available from the first day.
The zines will be introduced on the second day, Thursday 21.

Other goods related to the exhibition will be introduced in the second half of the exhibition.
The exhibition will start on the 21st (Thu).

Ayumi Hanamatsu Exhibition
20 (Wed) – 31 (Sun) March

During the exhibition period
22 (Fri), 26 (Tue) and 27 (Wed) closed
Thursday 21 (opening hours 13:00-17:00)

Ayumi Hanamatsu
Born in Aomori, currently resident in Tokyo. Creates works using rubber prints.
Also active as an illustrator.

Ayumi Hanamatsu Work as a decorator, bookbinding and packaging artist.
Kawazoe Ai: The Weasel Who Doesn’t Want to Work and the Robot Who Understands Words (Asahi Press).
Tsuki no koyomi” (Tsuki no koyomi) published by Seibundo Shinkosha.
‘I want to hold you dear, words of protection / Yataro Matsuura’ (published by Liberal Bunko)
Morozoff Chocolat Gallery packaging
Apple Juice” and “Shiso Juice” labels (Aomori Apple Processing Co., Ltd.), etc.